Home Server full

The Home Server connects your devices with each other without losing their individual functionalities. It is also your gateway to remote control your home. The Home Server takes care of comfort, security and helps you to save energy. 

Lighting Control

All your lights are connected to the B&B Home System, the Home Server makes sure you get the maximum comfort out of your system. Dimming control, all-off function, timers, motion detectors, magnetic contacts,… All these things ensure the best light scene every moment of the day. The Home Server communicates with the B&B modules but it can also communicate with an KNX and/or DALI system.

Climate Control

With the B&B Home Server you can program and control your heating, air-conditioning and ventilation system in every room of your house. Directly controlled using the B&BHome input / output modules and temperature module, or using a network based link between your Daikin or Mitsubishi controller. The Home Server makes it all possible.

Energy Control

The Home Server registers al your energy consumption, and production and visualizes it in graphs. The server can notice you when there is peak or slumber consumption.

Home Security

The Home Server can be used to create an alarm system with separate contacts or using a datalink between your existing alarm system. With the Home Server you can have a graphic visualization of your alarm system on you touchscreen, smartphone or tablet and even control it remotely.

Video Surveillance

With an integrated video surveillance system the Home Server shows you the live video feed where the action happens. With the newest 5MP PTZ IP camera systems no burglar can enter your house without being seen. The server calls the preconfigured positions of the PTZ camera’s.   

Access control

No more keys are needed with the B&B Home system. Using your individual badge, your finger print or using caller ID you open your gates and doors. All your doors will be locked and all the lights are turned off by the home server when your alarm system is armed.

Multi Room / Multi Source audio & video

Get rid of all your different remotes, the Home Server is your connection to all your A/V devices. Control your devices on your touchscreen, smartphone, tablet or centralized remote. The Home Server links them all together using infrared, TCP/IP, RS232 protocols or the B&O Gateway. Get the cinema experience at home!

Remote Control

Using the internet you can control your home from anywhere in the world, control your home server using a tablet or the B&B Home Client App for Android and iOS.

-KNX Compatible
-Up to 384 programmable functions
-Up to 28 groups of Timers
-Programmable agenda
-Link with alarm system
-Gateway to camera surveillance system
-Gateway to climate control system
-Link with cellular network
-Gateway to TCP/IP, RS232 and IR controlled A/V devices
-Graphic visualization of energy metering
-Integrated energy management system
-Customizable graphical user interface
-Customizable client apps


l: 185 h: 410 d: 470


1x B&B Home connection
Up to 15 COM ports free to use
6x USB 2.0
4x USB 3.0
1x Ethernet LAN by default
1x HDMI out
1x VGA out
1x DVI out
1x PS2 in
3x PCI-e slot
2x PCI slot
Audio 3.5mm in
Audio 3.5mm out